Established in 2013, Esref Sah program is one of the largest financial awareness initiatives in the UAE. The program focuses on financial inclusion, youth empowerment and impact-driven interventions.

Financial Literacy has emerged as an increasingly important issue notably in light of the global recession where managing debt effectively emerged as a very salient subject. Through Esref Sah, we want to be able to help young people in the UAE learn how to avoid excessive debt and manage their finances such that they can provide for themselves and their loved ones throughout their life time.

HE Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon

Managing Director- Emirates Foundation

Esref Sah invests in forging partnerships with all key stakeholders such as key players within the financial sector, public as well as private entities and academic institutions.

Our Objectives

To create long-term, sustainable impact that ensures financial literacy and independence amongst the youth of today.

To reduce the burden of debt amongst Emirati youth through education and empowerment.

To increase levels of financial awareness and literacy amongst young Emiratis.

To instill a sense of financial responsibility in the Emirati youth of today.

Our Achievement

Here are some of our key achievements since the launch of the program:


Winner of the 2016 Khalifa Award for Education in the category ‘Education and Community Service’


We’ve had more than 45,000 visitors to the Esref Sah bus


We’ve trained more than 8,000 young Emiratis through our workshops


We’ve engaged with more than 200 young people with special needs


100 Emirati youth are part of our Esref Sah Shabaab Club