In 2015, Emirates Foundation launched the first financial literacy Youth Club in the UAE. Launched as part of the Foundation’s financial literacy initiative, Esref Sah, The Esref Sah Shabaab Club has successfully equipped 100 UAE youth with the skills and knowledge required to educate others about financial literacy. Particularly since the financial crisis, the hazards of low financial literacy levels has prompted us to design a peer mentoring approach to effectively utilize youth to spread awareness around debt and spread key messages of financial empowerment. Our members have been carefully selected and trained in order to run finance workshops and educational events across the country, annually educating thousands of youth in workplaces, schools and universities across the UAE. Our members, like Onoud Al Marzooqi and Sara Abdulrahman, whose story we have shared below, have greatly assisted in shaping the economic potential of youth within the UAE.

esref sah success stories

Onoud and Sara joined our Shabaab Club in 2016

At Emirates Foundation, we recognize this need and wish to spark a movement