Esref Sah program has four key projects through which it increases financial literacy knowledge amongst UAE youth. These projects include customized financial literacy workshops, a bank training programme, and a comprehensive volunteering programme, the Esref Sah Shabab Club.

These projects are described in more detail below.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Esref Sah delivers Basic and Advanced financial literacy workshops for high-school and college students across the UAE. The basic workshops last for 1 hour and are delivered to youth between the ages of 15-18, whereas the advanced workshop is a 2 hour activity-based session for university students which covers the core components of financial education such as saving, budgeting, debt and investment.

HOPE Inside Workshops

Esref Sah has partnered with Operation HOPE to develop a comprehensive personal finance curriculum, with a focus on two key areas; money management and credit management. This workshop is delivered to private as well as public entities with the aim to provide young professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead more financially responsible lives.

Bank Training

This projects aims to train bank branch employees across the UAE to become specialized financial literacy counsellors in order to counsel and guide bank clients, to ensure bank customers are more financially responsible and aware prior to availing financial products and services from financial institutions.

Shabaab Club

Esref Sah Shabab Club has trained Emirati youth to  act as mentors and financial consultants to their peers and ultimately champion the cause of financial literacy in their personal and professional lives. A total of 100 mentors are on board with Esref Sah and are spreading the message of financial literacy within their own institutions, workplaces and through their communities.

Programs Impact

Since the launch of the program in 2013, Esref Sah has engaged more than 45,000 youth and visitors through its programs. Esref Sah works closely with educational institutes, ministries and private sector organizations to ensure that the message of financial literacy reaches the UAE’s youth.